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5 Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable to Your Fitness Goals

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In comparison to other areas of your life, meeting your fitness goals comes with unique challenges. Falling short of your health goals can have repercussions for not only yourself but your family, friends, and loved ones.

Embracing accountability around these goals, however, offers psychological benefits. One study highlighted it as a “key virtue in mental health and human flourishing.” Conversely, a lack of accountability around fitness can result in significant consequences such as chronic illnesses, worsened mental health, and a shortened lifespan.

To help you stay on track with your fitness goals, and optimize your health and well-being, we’re presenting five effective strategies you can use to foster personal accountability.

1. Set Clear and Achievable Goals

When setting fitness goals, it’s crucial to make them specific and attainable. Avoid vague goals such as “walk more” or “be more active.” Instead, ask yourself how you plan to achieve these goals. Will you aim for a specific number of steps each day? Will you commit to visiting the gym a certain number of times per week?

Additionally, as you make these decisions, avoid setting goals that are destined for failure. For instance, if you find it challenging to leave your desk during the day, it’s unrealistic to expect yourself to hit the gym in the afternoon every day.

2. Create a Workout Schedule

Much like a work schedule helps you make continual progress on projects so your team can meet company objectives, a workout schedule can similarly guide you towards your fitness goals. Establish a specific routine centered around your fitness aspirations. This not only allows you to prepare for each workout but also informs those around you of your lack of availability, thereby minimizing potential conflicts.

3. Utilize Technology

Numerous technological tools and fitness apps are available to assist you in monitoring your progress towards your fitness goals. Observing your positive advancements over time can motivate you to maintain your efforts. Apps such as the Arootah Habit Coach simplify the process of tracking your progress, making it straightforward, effortless, and fun.

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4. Seek External Support

If you’re finding it difficult to stay accountable to your goals, despite having a workout schedule, clear goals, and apps, consider seeking external support. Some individuals find it easier to maintain accountability when they have someone else to answer to.

Consider partnering with a workout buddy or joining a fitness community, such as a local running group. Building a community by regularly attending classes at a local fitness studio with the same group of people can also be beneficial. Alternatively, work with a health coach, who will guide and support you on your fitness journey and help you make positive lifestyle changes that last.

5. Reward Yourself

As you advance towards your goals, it’s essential to use rewards as a means to sustain momentum. Acknowledge and celebrate each milestone you reach. This approach can make the journey towards your goals more enjoyable, and you’ll likely find it easier to strive toward the nearest milestone.

How to Overcome Common Fitness Challenges

Despite having the best intentions and thorough preparation, such as setting specific goals and adhering to a strict workout schedule, you may still encounter obstacles. Here’s how to overcome them.

Dealing with Procrastination and Lack of Motivation

If you find that procrastination is one of your biggest fitness hurdles, start by understanding why you procrastinate and then find a strategy for managing the procrastination accordingly.

Could underlying emotions, such as a fear of failure, be hindering your progress towards your goals? It’s crucial to learn how to manage the emotions associated with your goals and address deeper issues, thereby eliminating procrastination as a barrier.

Adjusting to Setbacks and Failures

Keep in mind that setbacks and failures are a normal part of any goal process and should not impede your progress. When they do occur, take the time to understand why they happened and strategize accordingly for the future. Identify what caused the misstep and figure out how to eliminate it from your path moving forward.

Building a Mindset of Long-Term Commitment

As you traverse the path of successes and failures towards your fitness goals, remember that this commitment is a long-term endeavor, not a fleeting one. You’re initiating a lifestyle change for a healthier version of yourself, not merely following a trend. Consequently, you have ample time to determine what strategies work best for you, learn how to overcome challenges, and enhance your accountability over the lifetime of your goal.

The Bottom Line

Holding yourself accountable to your fitness goals can be challenging. However, implementing strategies such as the ones highlighted above can simplify the process.

Looking for further support in achieving your goals? Learn more about Arootah’s health coaching by scheduling a free consultation call.

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