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Blog > Do You Have an Abundance Mindset?

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Do You Have an Abundance Mindset?

Stuck with panic, anxiety, fatigue? You may suffer from scarcity thinking. Here's how to transcend into abundance thinking.
Do You Have an Abundance Mindset?
Evolution is the intrinsic way of life. The expansion of existence weaves into the laws of nature. Every living cell manifests, grows, and perpetually becomes more. The life cycle is the root of abundance, in which life creates more life. The natural world is plentiful, so why do we not always feel that way in our daily lives?

Typically, our minds get in the way of our happiness. They steer us towards what we think we are missing rather than towards what we have. We dwell on fears about the future, and that blinds us from the wealth we are experiencing now. These thought patterns create blockages of energy, inhibiting our ability to receive. So, how do we stay positive? How do we cultivate abundance? It all starts with mindset.

People with an abundance mindset believe the world is ample in its resources. They know without an ounce of doubt that the universe has plenty to offer to all living things. The abundance mindset is rooted in gratitude. This approach leads to peace of mind and good decisions, ultimately resulting in favorable outcomes.

Let’s think of the air we breathe; we do not feel anger or jealousy when we see someone breathing because we trust that there is enough oxygen for everyone. Just like air, happiness, success, and wealth are resources available to us all. When we realize that the universe provides for everyone in abundance, we will have peace of mind and open ourselves to receiving all that life offers.

The opposite of abundance is scarcity. The scarcity mindset dictates that there are not enough resources for everyone. People with this mentality hold on to what they have in fear of it not returning to them. There is no sharing or spreading of wealth. They become jealous of other people’s success because they think it ruins their chance of being successful. Remaining stuck in this loop of panic and anxiety leads to poor choices and adverse outcomes. This mindset is exhausting. It drains energy and lifeforce and depletes motivation and joy.

So how do we transition from a mindset of scarcity into a mindset of abundance?


The first step in welcoming abundance into your life is to examine what is keeping you from it. What are the blockages that you notice within yourself?

It is necessary to be aware of the beliefs and the thoughts that continually arise for you. This awareness is a deliberative process that requires a willingness to be patient. Practice listening to what you say about yourself. What language do you use? Do you compare yourself to others? Remember that you are one of a kind. If you constantly compare, you create the mindset of believing that you are missing something or that you are not enough. Embrace your uniqueness.

Ask yourself important questions. If you could honestly do anything with your life, assured of success, what would you do? What actions are you not taking to better your life, and why? These questions will lead you to purpose and passion, two abundant sources of energy.

It is helpful to keep a record of these thoughts. Write them down in a journal, review and evaluate whether each thought fuels an abundance or scarcity mindset. Once you visually see what your blockages appear as, you are more equipped to defend yourself against them. You have the power to change your thoughts. Negate the words that arise telling you that you are not worthy and replace them with words of affirmation. Fears often dissolve when we bring them to light.


When we have expectations of how abundance should appear to us in our lives, we miss all the opportunities that do not fit our narrow vision. Money may come to us in unexpected ways. Wealth has many definitions and meanings. It may appear as a job opportunity, food, or a raise at work. We could receive abundance in the form of loving support from family and friends or tap into a plethora of ideas and passions. When seeking richness, it is best to let go of what it looks like and keep the mind and heart open to receive in any way the universe decides to give.

When we have an open mind, we also open ourselves up to endless sources of abundance. This energy of abundance fuels life, and it keeps giving itself back to us, over and over.

Part of the open mind concept includes training yourself to spot opportunities. When the mind is quiet and free from fear and anxiety, it is easier to see an opportunity arise. If we concentrate only on a specific thing we want, we lose vision of everything else. Remember, abundance shows itself to us in every moment.


Start with gratitude for what you already have. What sources of abundance do you currently recognize in your life? Remember past instances when you received plenty of something you value or cherish. If it happened before, it would happen again. Believe that you already have the abundance you are seeking. Be thankful for the things you wish for before they manifest into your reality. Trust they are coming to you and be grateful as if you have already received them. This doubtless confidence invites abundance to flow through.

Celebrate your prosperity. Do not disregard the small wins. Simply finding a penny on the ground or receiving a paycheck are forms of abundance. When we are in a state of mind that celebrates abundance, it multiplies, inviting more.


The true secret to life is giving. When we are open, the cycle of giving and receiving happens naturally. Think of a hose. It receives water from the pipes and flows through, dispersing it freely to the plants. If the pipe gets twisted, it prevents the flow, therefore preventing the giving of water. The water begins to accumulate within the tube, increasing the pressure and creating tension in the hose’s body. The water is still available, yet nothing is shared. Eventually, with giving restricted, the hose could crack or burst. We should not hold on to anything, not emotions, generosity, money, or happiness. Just as we do not hold our breath, we should allow all that comes to us to be released freely. The practice of generosity is a true embodiment of the abundance mindset. The more you give, the more you open yourself up to receiving.

When we share in any form, we enrich and strengthen our sense of purpose and fulfillment. Sharing creates happiness and joy, which are the magnets for success. Never underestimate the power of generosity.


It is wise to surround yourself with people who actively possess an abundance mindset. Read inspirational stories, watch movies, and interact with people who have experienced success in their life. Realize that you are similar to them in many ways and that their wins can manifest in your own life.

Successful people are not afraid to help others in their chosen field because they exhibit an abundance mindset. They know there is enough business for everyone and are willing to share their secrets and tips. This approach helps strengthen and grow the community and allows everyone to excel.

When we withhold information, it does not make us better; it puts a block on the energy of abundance.



Remember that abundance is our natural state. There is nothing to acquire, and it is always available. Once we tune into the energy of abundance, we will see that it was just ourselves getting in the way and that our mind is what was keeping us from it. No one is more deserving than anyone else to receive wealth, happiness, love, and fulfillment. The life you dream of can be yours. Invest your time and energy in cultivating an abundance mindset. Your perspective will expand … opening your eyes to the endless possibilities you possess in this world.



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