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Blog > Bleisure: How to Add Fun to Business Travel (While Staying Efficient)

Bleisure: How to Add Fun to Business Travel (While Staying Efficient)

A life and business coach shares her top tips for mastering bleisure travel.
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When you think of business travel, “fun” and “leisure” probably aren’t the first words that pop into your mind. However, business and leisure don’t have to be at odds with one another. Whether you’re traveling for work, or attempting to live as a digital nomad, striking a balance is key to making the most of these experiences and this is where “bleisure” comes in.

We’ve asked life and business coach Kirsten Franklin, esq. to share her tips on mastering bleisure (business + leisure). Franklin has grown seven successful businesses while traveling around the world as a single parent. Suffice to say, she’s an expert in bleisure.

4 Ways to Master Bleisure Travel

1. Know Your Time Constraints

If you’re going to be traveling and working, then you need to consider your most important and most limited resource: time. Effective time management allows you to accomplish more at work so you have more time for leisure.

“Be highly organized and manage your time,” says Franklin. “This way you know exactly how much non-work time you have and when so you can build in sightseeing or even just a great dinner out on the town.”

2. Include Time Buffers in Your Schedule

Franklin suggests adding time buffers into your schedule for before or after your trip. Not only does this provide you more peace of mind if you’re delayed, but it allows you to explore new places and add some fun into your schedule. Nobody wants to be left scrambling to board a last-minute flight.

“If you have a 5 p.m. meeting, arrive at 9am and sightsee,” says Franklin. “Personally, I call on my network to come meet me and show me something or do something with me (it hammers away twofold — building my network and having a local show me something).”

3. Bring a Friend

If you’re going to be traveling, why not bring a friend along? This is especially helpful if you’re traveling with kids and need some assistance looking after them.

“If your children are young and you don’t have a partner traveling with you, bring someone,” adds Franklin. “They can chill with your child for the few hours you’re in meetings and then you can all go out and explore.”

4. Take a Small Detour

One of the best ways to have a successful bleisure trip is to make time to spend little moments traveling. Franklin recommends taking time to see the area rather than only sticking to the hotel and airport, even if you’re just popping out of the car for five minutes of sightseeing.

“I have to remind clients that they actually control their time and life,” explains Franklin. “Leave the hotel, walk amongst the people, stop at that café, do something small and simple. Enjoy the tiny moments you secure for yourself.”

The Bottom Line

With a few guidelines, preparation, and time management skills, you can master bleisure travel and enjoy more balance in your life. Remember that your business trips come down to what you make of them. The happier you are in your job and routine, the better you will perform and the more productive you will be.

Need help establishing work-life balance and moving forward in your career? An Arootah Coach can help you clarify your goals, hold you accountable, and guide you every step of the way.

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