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7 Compelling Reasons to Hire an Executive Coach This Summer

Seize the summer to surge ahead
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Summer is an ideal time to consider working with an executive coach. During quieter periods when the pace of business eases, and many colleagues are taking time off, it’s an opportune moment to capitalize on the newfound availability in your calendar. Rather than allowing this time to pass unproductively, consider the advantages of engaging with an executive coach. Although the myriad benefits of executive coaching may not be immediately apparent during a seasonal lull, securing the services of a coach during the summer months can position you for a strong end to the year.

An executive coach enhances your business leadership capabilities across various domains. Whether your goal is to bolster workplace diversity, amplify your productivity, or refine your strategic planning abilities, an executive coach offers the guidance necessary to elevate your approach to strategic business leadership.

If you’re still deciding whether to hire an executive coach this season, here are seven compelling reasons to do so.

1. MidYear Reviews

Postponing the evaluation of your team’s efficiency and advancement, as well as your personal performance, until the year’s end could lead to missed chances for timely adjustments and problem-solving. Conducting a mid-year review is a strategic move that can significantly contribute to achieving your goals, and an executive coach is the ideal partner for this process.

With the assistance of an executive coach, you can dissect your targets and the progress made thus far, examining the successes and setbacks of the past six months. This analysis enables you to make informed adjustments, ensuring a more favorable trajectory for the remainder of the year.

2. Strategic Planning

If planning isn’t your strong suit, collaborating with an executive coach can sharpen your planning abilities while ensuring you dedicate sufficient time to this crucial task.

The summer’s more relaxed pace presents a perfect opportunity to engage with a coach to evaluate your team’s overarching objectives and your effectiveness in progressing towards them. You might discover that your productivity and accomplishments exceed your expectations with fewer disruptions.

3. Leadership Development

When you need to enhance your business leadership skills, use this quieter time to focus on leadership training.

Uncertain about the initial steps? An executive coach is adept at steering you in the right direction, assessing your existing skills and areas that may be beyond your view, and recommending potential enhancements. From mastering delegation to improving communication or learning new ways to inspire your team, summer provides a prime window to refine essential leadership competencies with your executive coach. Then, you can delight your team with your upgraded leadership prowess when they return from their summer breaks.

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4. Enhancing Productivity

The summer slowdown presents a unique opportunity to pause the constant hustle and thoughtfully examine your routine schedule with the guidance of an executive coach. This period allows you to pinpoint areas ripe for productivity improvements. A coach can assist in recognizing distractions and devising strategies to minimize them, discovering time management methods tailored to your requirements, and introducing productivity enhancements that can have a significant impact. With the extra space in your calendar, you can experiment with various techniques and strategies, ensuring you’re prepared to operate at maximum efficiency when the pace picks up in the autumn.

5. Personal Branding

Everyone has a personal brand, and it’s particularly crucial for leaders in high-profile positions to be mindful of their brand’s representation in professional circles and on digital platforms like LinkedIn or as a contributing expert in publications like Forbes.

If you know your personal brand is lacking, work on fixing that with an executive coach this summer. You might just be surprised at the various opportunities that arise from a carefully managed brand.

6. Career Transitioning

Have you considered making a career move? Whether you’re changing roles at your current place of work or making a bigger leap, doing so during the summer can be the best choice, as it will have the least impact on your own workflow, as well as that of your teams.

An executive coach can help you make the transition as smoothly as possible with smart strategies and preparations so you can settle into your new role ahead of the busier fall.

7. Cultural Competency

In an increasingly globalized workforce, it’s essential for leaders to foster a diverse workplace culture that embraces diversity and acknowledges the myriad advantages it brings to your teams. Take advantage of the summer months to partner with an executive coach to enhance your cultural awareness and proficiency.

The Bottom Line

From leadership training to strategic planning sessions, an executive coach can help you identify how you can increase your influence as a leader and then formulate a plan to make it happen, keeping you accountable and monitoring your progress along the way. By engaging with an executive coach during the summer, you can make the most of the season to strengthen your professional capabilities, align your goals, and enter the latter half of the year with clarity and purpose.

Ready to get started? Schedule a complimentary results coaching call with an Arootah Executive Coach today.

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