The Center for Inspired Action

We’re on a mission to feel better, live better, compete better and look better – with the goal of peak performance to maximize our potential. Our globally influenced offerings indulge your senses, nourish your body, and stimulate your mind. At Arootah, we combine innovative time-tested ancient practices to inspire you to expand your boundaries and challenge you to be the best version of yourself!

Personal coachingpersonal optimization


Our coaches inspire to improve performance, maintain accountability, and ultimately to achieve the highest goals.

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Group coachingpersonal optimization

Group Coaching

Receive premium coaching in a group environment. Feel community, connectedness, support,
and accountability.

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Technologypersonal optimization


Examine a myriad of ways to use technology to become your best self. Automate and gain leverage to be highly effective.

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Arootah wellness centerpersonal optimization


Experience our hub of wellness services virtually with books, blogs, podcasts, and webinars from experts  all over the world.

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Corporate training eventspersonal optimization


Join like-minded individuals and maximize your time and energy at our virtual events, taught by our CEO Rich Bello.

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Contributionpersonal optimization


Personal growthpersonal optimization
Social interactions personal optimization
Career choices personal optimization
Family values personal optimization
Fun recreationpersonal optimization
Significant otherpersonal optimization

Personal Coaching 

Life coachingpersonal optimization

Life Coaching

Map out your life for fulfillment
and success with our customized Life Coaching.

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Master coachingpersonal optimization

Master Coaching

Discover what you want to accomplish in life and receive guidance in achieving your goals with Arootah’s distinguished Master Life Coaching!

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Elite coachingpersonal optimization

Elite Coaching

Allow our top tier Elite Life Coaching Program to be your secret weapon to success!

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Arootah leadership coachingpersonal optimization

Leadership Coaching

Become an exceptional leader with our unique leadership coaching, where you will be inspired to improve performance!

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Life Management OS

Life Management OS is a perfect companion to our coaching programs. It guides you to what needs to be done to achieve your highest goals and provides proven strategies to hold you accountable while doing so!

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Habit Accountability Tracker

Change your habits, change your life.
We are developing a new accountability app at Arootah!
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Virtual Wellness Center

Urban Retreat

New York City, famous for countless attractions that amaze and enlighten, is home to Arootah, The Center for Inspired Action.

A 40,000+ square-foot nurturing oasis in the heart of the city, where members and guests can engage their mind, nurture their body, and ignite their spirit. The flagship space offers a community that supports all members and guests in the quest to optimize every aspect of life. Our Center combines pure relaxation, social engagement, and energetic recharge with world-class hospitality in an optimal environment.

Due to Covid-19 this Center is on temporary hold until mid-2021, please enjoy our virtual experiences!


Urban retreat personal optimization

The pulsating heart of our community will be an organic restaurant, which will offer casual opportunities for members and guests to commune. The adjacent elixir bar will redefine social drinking by serving nutrient-dense, mood-altering botanical elixirs. A bookshop and boutique will offer smartly curated personal development products, and an alchemist at the apothecary program will provide a herbal “dispensary-pharmacy” with time-tested herbal remedies. This will be part of a comprehensive preventative and integrative medicine practice, which will give our members access to previously unavailable alternative medical practitioners and services, all under one roof.

The Center’s big draw and membership driver will be a diverse seminar program, which will offer daily talks and workshops given by industry experts. We also plan to offer robust personal and business coaching programs based on content from our most in-demand seminars and events.

Rural Retreat

Rural retreatpersonal optimization

Arootah will take the experience to the next level in a rural retreat space, our first being in upstate New York. Enjoy healthy, organic meals in a large-scale restaurant and event space. Programming will be based on our NYC offering but super-charged to include long term wellness programs. The grounds will consist of elaborate manicured trails and gardens for guest exploration. We aim to build a robust following in NYC and then provide them with a breathtaking experience outside the city to ground themselves by being one with nature. In the meantime, we will be doing “pop-up” rural retreats for members at various global locations immersed in the beauty of a natural setting.

Areas of interest: The Hudson Valley and The Hamptons