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Our retreats are perfect for reducing stress and reconnecting with your passions. Reenter normal life with fresh purpose and resilience.

Step Away to Get Back in the Game

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You’re likely worn thin by the roles you play: loving parent, dedicated partner, supportive child, tireless executive, striving professional.

Stepping away from your busy life is not a luxury, but rather, a necessity to maintain your emotional capacity and peak performance.

Join us for our next retreat. You’ll discover a space of healing and rejuvenation. Commit to the present, and invest in your wellbeing.

When You Invest in Your Wellbeing, Incredible Things Happen

Discover what you really want out of life.

Dissipate frustration and disappointment.

Nourish energy, optimism, and confidence.

Reconnect with your passions and purpose.

NYC Urban Retreats

Think you need to leave the city to experience self-discovery?

Dive introspectively while nestled in a quiet oasis deep within the city landscape.

Untangle everyday stressors, and uncover desires that have been sideswiped by more urgent matters. Your life mission becomes clearer.

Our urban retreats are perfect for those who only have a day to spare, but understand the value of taking time off.

Countryside Retreats

Need a break? Venture to fresh air and thriving wildlife in upstate NY, the Hamptons, and New England.

Dedicate a week or a weekend. Each day invested gives you maximum return far beyond the retreat itself.

Immerse in holistic wellness set within the context of a simplified way of life.

By slowing down, you’ll return to your fast-paced life equipped to power up, keep up, and raise the standard.

Virtual Retreats

Can you practice going offline by going online?

Our virtual retreats use technology in a way that truly optimizes your time and energy.

It’s a convenient option to eliminate distractions and focus on what makes you more productive, healthy, and happy.

Self-development, meditation, exercise, sleep, and detox programs are conducted virtually to achieve the same results as an in-person retreat.

Our Retreats Are the Solution

Arootah’s mission is to unlock peak performance in our clients. But to perform better in all areas of life, we must first enrich the mind, body, and spirit.

Once your intrinsic power is restored, you can achieve so much more: life satisfaction, meaningful purpose, lofty dreams.

This is precisely the intention of Arootah retreats. Step away for a moment – a day, a week – to find years of happiness, success, and a mission that defines you.

Perfect for those…

In need of a relaxing getaway or total recharge.

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed and Imbalanced.

Serious about reclaiming control over their lives.

Ready to dive into positive life transformation.


Restore your body’s natural, powerful source of healing and vitality. Learn how to practice habits that make you more alert, creative, and energetic.


Nourish yourself for high-energy living. We educate you on how to adopt sustainable eating habits designed for optimal health and disease prevention.


Move and remain agile for years to come. Destress, build stamina, and strengthen your body. Our diverse repertoire of movement classes keep you engaged.


Decompress. Release. Reset. It’s a critical strategy to manage stress in your life. Learn to rebuild your mental, physical, and emotional resilience.


Detox and enhance your body’s natural process of flushing out toxic waste. By eliminating waste and excess fluid, you’ll love how you look and feel.


Hydrate for improved focus, health, and graceful aging. Water is our key resource to flush out toxins, support lasting energy, and nourish every cell.


Prevent and delay the onset of disease, before it starts. Our proactive approach helps you commit to lifelong accountability, enjoyment, and health.

Practice meaningful habits and behaviors that bring you closer to your goals each and every day. Habit training clarifies your vision for greater success.


Our methods are rooted in holistic wellness practices proven to restore your mind, body, and spirit. Even though our retreats are concentrated into day or weeklong sessions, the aim is to continue these methods in regular life for ongoing resilience and fulfillment.

Movement Classes

Partake in a stimulating movement itinerary. Our activities range from rejuvenating yoga to body weight exercise to hiking that takes your breath away.

Meditation and Breathwork

Nourish your emotional and spiritual energy with guided meditation. Our expert instructors help you build a resilient mindset to navigate any challenge.

Self-Development Seminars

Dive deep into nutrition, mindset, habit training, time management, and energy optimization. These skills let you regain total control of your life.


Invest in your dreams with 1-on-1 or group coaching. Our retreats are the perfect time to evaluate your goals and strategize a plan to achieve them.


Rejuvenate deep tissue circulation for optimal blood flow and energy pathways. Massage promotes physical and mental relaxation during wellness retreats.

Gourmet Meals

Savor delicious meals to feed your body and your soul. The menu is crafted with invigorating flavors from fresh, organic, and plant-based foods.

Sleep Rituals

Drift into deep, restorative sleep. From aromatherapy to meditation, the strategies you learn transform your evening experience for years to come.


Rid yourself of the physical, mental, and emotional toxicity around you. You’ll return home equipped with tactics to continuously purify your life.


Take in and explore the wonders around you. Depending on your retreat, unique excursions will excite you with new experiences and lifelong memories.

Frequently asked questions

What is a corporate retreat?

A corporate retreat is a focused event aimed to improve your team’s culture, productivity, and overall wellness. Our team has a background in private business ownership and corporate wellness training. We understand the importance of a health program with practical application.

Our approach provides comprehensive scientific, evidence-based solutions that result in true health and wellbeing for both individuals and the company. Our all-inclusive retreat program is designed to reboot your team and provide them with the skills to remain healthy while operating a successful business.

We’ll work with you to customize a wellness experience based on your company’s specific goals.

How can retreats benefit a company?

Our program is curated to improve overall employee wellbeing. Attendees will rest and rejuvenate through mindful practices and experiences to reduce stress and improve longevity.

When individuals gather amongst a common goal, they can better understand each other’s skill sets and needs. We foster engagement and connection by building effective communication and operating as a unit.

Ultimately, the retreat can lead to alignment towards one collective mission.

How large of a team can you accommodate?

We can accommodate teams of 10 to 20 people for in-person retreats.

Are you only serving teams in NYC, or can we do a virtual experience?

We serve all US-based companies and offer virtual retreats.

What is the typical duration of a retreat?

We can personalize retreat duration based on your company’s wants and needs. Typically, a corporate wellness retreat is 5 days and 4 nights.

Do you provide transportation?

Yes, we can coordinate transportation services if requested. Transportation will be factored into the price per attendee.

What are some locations?

  • Hamptons
  • Upstate New York
  • Miami
  • California

What food is provided (are you open to accommodating dietary restrictions)?

The meals are prepared from only the finest ingredients. The food is organic, providing wholesome nutrition without unnecessary preservatives or chemical elements.

All dietary restrictions can be accommodated: vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo, gluten-free, and any other specific needs!

Will alcohol be served?

No, our program is designed to reset and rejuvenate the mind and body. To align with our purpose and goals of the retreat, we do not offer alcohol as it clouds the mind and can be detrimental when paired with wellness practices of yoga and Pranayama.

Going alcohol-free is proven to improve energy levels, reduce depression, aid sleep, and rehydrate the skin to make you look and feel younger.

You’ll emerge from this alcohol-free wellness retreat with a refreshing sense of control over your diet, health, and wellbeing.

What are the accommodations?

Accommodations vary by destination. We ensure each host offers a variety of room accommodations, including private and shared.

What if I wish to leave early/can’t attend the entire time?

We will gladly coordinate transportation services for all attendee accommodations. Transportation will be factored into the price per attendee.

Please let us know in advance the travel needs of your attendees.

How far in advance should I plan my event?

  • Virtual retreats: 2 months
  • In-person retreats: 4 months

What should I pack?

Depending on location, the packing list will vary. Our suggested packing list includes:

  • Clothing for daytime: athleisure, exercise clothes (bring layers according to season)
  • Clothing for nights and weekends: Casual wear (check current seasonal temperatures)
  • Hat or sun visor, sunglasses
  • Athletic running shoes and/or trail walking shoes
  • Clothing for beach or pool: swimsuit, sandals, cover-ups
  • Backpack
  • Sunscreen
  • Toiletries
  • Cell phone and/or camera
  • Books, laptop, or iPad for downtime

How do I know if all team members can participate in wellness practices?

Our clients possess a wide range of age, fitness, and wellness lifestyles.

Prior to your arrival, we will email each attendee a health and lifestyle survey to complete and return before your stay.

Our team of experts will review your responses and tailor all activities according to your capabilities.  If we have any concerns, we will contact you before your stay.

How is a retreat different from a seminar?

A seminar is an hour-long presentation on one wellness topic. A retreat is an immersive experience covering many wellness aspects.

How much of the retreat is education and coaching versus leisure time for my team to bond?

The retreat agenda will be customized to your company’s goals. Each day will include:

  • 2 to 3 hours of wellness practices (yoga, breathwork, meditation, hiking, or massages)
  • 4 hours of education and coaching
  • 4 hours of mealtime
  • 2 to 3 hours of downtime or personal leisure time

Can I bring pets, children, or spouses?

No, corporate retreats are intended to be focused time with the company.

Arootah does not provide babysitting services for pets and children. Unless companies state otherwise, spouses will not be in attendance.

Do I pay per person or as a group?

The retreat price will vary based on your company’s goals and needs. A price will be provided per person.

What privacy should my guests expect?

Depending on the retreat destination, accommodation privacy will vary. Participants will have choices of private rooms and shared rooms.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes Wi-Fi will be available throughout the retreat.

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