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Frequently asked questions

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Business Coaching Services

Personal Coaching Services

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Wellness Services

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Contracts and Cancellations

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Shipping and Returns

Business Advisory Services

What business services does Arootah provide?

If you’re looking to optimize your business, we have services to help you do exactly that. From business growth to improving workplace culture to fostering decisive and effective leadership, Arootah is here to help you reach every short-term and long-term goal.

Arootah business optimization services include:


Want to see an overview of all our business services? Click here.

What areas can be improved with Arootah business services?

We extrapolate the best strategies found at the intersection of finance, technology, and wellness. Clients get time-tested, pragmatic solutions that exceed expectations in both quantitative and qualitative measures of success.

Our consultants can completely transform the way you do business, from optimizing procedures to maximizing ROI to ensuring your team is focused and fulfilled in their work. We make sure you’re performing in the most streamlined and intelligent way possible.

Areas in which your business and workforce can improve:

  • Communication strategies
  • Decision making
  • Human resources
  • Leadership skills
  • Discipline
  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Time management
  • Hedge fund consulting
  • Family office
  • Success formula
  • Mindset


Learn more about our business coaching services.

How does business advisory and coaching improve the corporate environment?

There are measurable impacts of corporate consulting and coaching! Previous research shows that companies who provided coaching to executives saw improved productivity, quality, organizational strength, and shareholder value. They also received fewer customer complaints and better executive retention. Executives who had been coached had an average ROI 6x the cost of coaching

Does Arootah offer training for organizations?

Yes, our bread and butter has been development training and workshops for large groups and entire organizations. While our background is in-person training, such events are on hold until the COVID pandemic subsides. Currently, we’re only offering virtual corporate training programs.

Where does the business advising and/or executive coaching take place?

We’re 100% online so we can easily connect when it works best for you. The program is safe, secure, and confidential. Our clients and consultants are working hard to make incredible things happen. Protecting your trade secrets, intellectual property, and personal information is a top priority.

Professional Coaching Services

What personal and professional services does Arootah provide?

We specialize in 1-on-1 and group coaching to help ambitious individuals navigate and improve their personal and professional lives.

However, we also provide a selection of personal development courses and productivity apps to help you reach your goals on your own time.

Our diverse team of coaches provides ongoing support in the following coaching areas:

Want to see an overview of all our personal and professional services? Click here.

What's the difference between executive coaching and life coaching?

Executive coaching is intense guidance to navigate next-level business growth, leadership skill development, and how accomplished people like you sustain their success and raise their own standards. Those in need of an executive coach often want to capitalize on new opportunities, live with more purpose, or even learn how to empower their team.

Life coaching is highly adaptable guidance. The strategy is to reconfigure your lifestyle and behaviors so you can realize desired goals in any area of life. At Arootah, we often work with successful people whose personal and professional objectives intertwine, and so do our coaching strategies.

Who are your clients, and what do you do for them?

Our clients come from hedge funds, investment banks, law firms, agencies, and creative fields, but our consulting capabilities expand beyond those industries.

If you agree that you have total control over your outcomes, then we want to work with you. We help optimize nearly every aspect of business, wellness, and personal or professional development.

What kind of success are you talking about?

Depending on where you want to improve, our coaches guide you in a pragmatic way to reach any personal or professional goal. Common client goals:

  • Expanding operations
  • Maximizing investments
  • Achieving great work-life balance
  • Finding fulfillment in life
  • Refocusing talents
  • Pursuing exciting opportunities
  • Raising more capital
  • Exploring new ventures
  • Empowering employees


Where does coaching take place?

We’re 100% online so we can easily connect when it works best for you. The program is safe, secure, and confidential. Our clients and consultants are working hard to make incredible things happen. Protecting your trade secrets, intellectual property, and personal information is a top priority.

How is a coaching session structured? What's the duration?

Our clients are busy entrepreneurs and professionals seeking ultra-high leverage execution. Coaching calls are meant to be quick, with every minute helping you maximize your time and energy. Every session helps you regain focus, motivation, and carries you closer to your goals.

The coaching programs are 100% online. We prefer to conduct coaching calls via Zoom; however, phone calls can be made as well. Sessions last 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your coaching package selection. Read more about our coaching subscriptions.

Do you offer any free resources to help me improve my energy, focus, discipline, and productivity?

Absolutely! You don’t have to leave our site empty-handed. Check out our library of free personal development resources:

Wellness Services

What wellness services does Arootah provide?

We believe optimal wellness is the key to achieving your goals and finding lasting life fulfillment. At Arootah, we provide a wide selection of wellness services for individuals and organizations.

Wellness services for individuals:

  • Wellness retreat
  • Live fitness classes
  • On-demand fitness classes
  • Health coaching
  • Energy optimization course
  • Habit tracker apps
  • Wellness workshops
  • Meditation classes


If you are looking for organizational wellness services, visit our corporate wellness page.

Contracts and Cancellations

Is there a contract for the 6 coaching subscriptions?

When you purchase a monthly Arootah personal coaching or group coaching subscription, there are no contracts. You can cancel any time after your first 3 months under certain terms and conditions (detailed below).

What are the terms and conditions of the Arootah coaching subscriptions?

Members of our monthly coaching subscriptions get exclusive perks! However, access to exclusive coaching subscription benefits requires an initial 3-month minimum commitment and only endures when you are actively subscribed to the program.

The first subscription charge occurs the day you join and will auto-renew on the monthiversary date. Unused coaching sessions and perks do not roll over into the next billing cycle.

You may pause your subscription once every calendar year, however, your subscription must be restarted within 90 days of the pause date. Failure to comply with yearly pause limits may result in termination or ,of the program with a 3-month commitment.

Shipping and Returns

What is your return policy on apothecary products?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we are happy to accept returns on unopened items up to 7 days after the purchase date. Simply reach out to us at, and our team will process your return request within 1-2 business days. For hygiene and COVID-19 reasons, certain products are final sale unless they arrive damaged to your address.

Do you have sustainable packaging?

Yes! From our products to our packaging, you can feel great about your purchase! We are committed to prioritizing closed cycle packaging for every order. Packages are made from reusable and returnable materials to reduce waste wherever possible.